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This model is the most compact of the ozone generator range we offer. It operates from the 12 volt power supply common in most motor vehicles.


This unit can easily be placed in a vehicle to commence ozone decontamination. Usually in a matter of minutes (dependant on vehicle size) the process will culminate to ozone reaching peak levels, before cessation of the process and any remaining ozone in the vehicle quickly reverting back to oxygen.


This unit can be considered of particular importance in circumstances where there are multiple entrants to the vehicle. The process provided by these systems ensures all surfaces, including ventilation within the vehicle is sterile and safe, providing reassurance to subsequent entrants. 


Ozone decontamination in vehicles prevails over more conventional cleaning methods, where it can be carried out in a timely manner, and without leaving any undesired residues. 

Automotive (12 volt) unit (Cars, Trains, Buses)