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The Ozone Sanitisation System

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Here is an infographic demonstrating the ozone generators we offer. Displayed here is how the ozone sanitisation process operates, the certifications of our machines and, the possible applications to which it can be placed.

These small and portable machines, generate ozone. The strong oxidising property of ozone can destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilisation. Ozone is a powerful disinfecting gas generate from the ionisation of oxygen in the air, bing one of the most effective substances for the destruction of pathogens in environments

without leaving any residue. More than 99% of the viruses present in an area are destroyed with a direct exposure of just 30 seconds. Ozone destroys by diffusion through the protein coat of the virus, acids and nucleic acids resulting in damage to the viral DNA or RNA. With its proven effectiveness in destroying the airborne viruses, ozone gas is a powerful weapon to combat the expansion of viruses effectively, cleanly and safely.

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