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The Benefits of Ozone Disinfection


“TopOzone - Disinfect your work space,

keeping you, your staff & your customers safe.” 

Keith Duffy


Top Ozone installation is effortless. It consists merely of placing the ozone generator in the area to be treated. Turn on the unit and let the equipment run for the defined time. Ozone propagation reaches everywhere, floor, walls, ceilings, fabrics, furnishings, desks, seating, clothes, computers, etc. In addition to disinfection, Top Ozone application also treats and kills:

  • Bad odours (tobacco, alcohol, fried foods, perfume, etc.);

  • Allergens (pollen, dust, mites, mould, etc.);

  • Resolution of the mould problem (neutralisation of spores and inhibition of mould growth)

The ozonation system is the best ally for these types of situations, and its production does not require reagents. It can be installed in one place and operate as needed.

Automotive Sanitisation

Affording peace of mind

The process of cleaning car air conditio

Our sanitisation systems can be used in vehicles to provide an effective means of inactivating viruses, neutralising bacteria and removing and odour harbouring in the vehicle. Commercial applications of these systems afford the end consumer peace of mind and satisfaction that the vehicle has been completely sanitised before their use.

Commercial application

Effective sterilisation outside business hours.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Ozone sanitisation systems can be used outside operating hours to effectively and thoroughly sanitise the whole premises. With a variety of applications, such as shops and offices, entrants can be ensured the next day that all surfaces are sterile.



Ozone neutralises viruses by infusing itself within the nucleic core of a virus, this disrupts its DNA and neutralises the virus. This system of combating airborne viruses is a safe system to utilise as the ozone (o3) will quickly revert to oxygen (o2) moments after treatment has completed.


When choosing the right sanitisation solution for your business, you can count on TopOzone for quality products at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of sanitisation systems to businesses. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Let’s talk about what TopOzone can do for your business.


Preventing viruses from spreading

Stop airborne viruses from spreading by effectively disinfecting your workplace. Ozone systems offer a means of complete disinfection of all surfaces, leaving no residual chemicals or residues that may interfere with employees or customers.

Ozone Generators


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